“When did you first know?”

It was after rehearsal, and Jennifer and Nathan were sitting outside the theatre. Nathan was waiting for his lift, and Jennifer was working her way through a half-empty pack of cigarettes.

“2010,” Jennifer said after several moments. “That’s when I knew for certain.” She exhaled a long stream of smoke. “It’s really obvious looking back, but hindsight’s a bitch.”

“What happened?”

“There was this girl at the ice-cream place in town,” said Jennifer. “Ginger hair, freckles, really cute. Ended up getting a crush on her.” Jennifer flicked the cigarette butt to the pavement and reached for the pack. “I’d had crushes on girls before, but that was the first time I realised it was a crush. How about you?”

“I still don’t feel like I know for sure,” Nathan replied. “I mean, I’ve been out for over a year, and I still feel like it’s just a phase.”

“Well, so what if it is?” asked Jennifer. “Just because it’s a phase doesn’t mean what you’re feeling isn’t real. And if somewhere down the line you decide another label fits you better, that just means you have a new perceptive on yourself.”