It was meant to be easy; fancy house at the edge of town, parents out, neighbours minding their own business. It was meant as a quick job, in and out in twenty minutes with whatever laptops, money or jewellery he could find.

He wasn’t expecting the kid to be awake, but kids were easy to deal with, especially if you scared them a bit. He had winced at the scream, and turned to climb back out the window; neighbours wouldn’t ignore a kid screaming.

He definitely wasn’t expecting something to wrap around his leg and pull him backwards.

The tentacles dragged him across the floor before dangling him in the air, and he stared into the eyes of a monster. It had long spindly legs, several dozen eyes, and two mouths of sharp teeth.

The monster under the bed held the burglar tight until the child’s parents arrived some time later, and by then he had vowed to discard his life of crime.

(based on this prompt)