Glasya-Labolas often got summoned by mortals. Not as often as in other millennia, but often enough. There were those who wanted power, those who wanted destruction, and those who thought that making contracts with a demon was a good idea. But the most bizarre summoning was from an elderly woman in Manhattan.

She lived alone in an apartment full of photographs, cushions, and porcelain dolls. The summon appeared to be a mistake; she had cut her hand while cleaning up a broken glass. Upon seeing the demon, the woman acted like he was family.

Glasya-Labolas didn’t know why he kept visiting her. She had make no bargain, meaning her soul was not his to take. It was highly unorthodox for a demon to visit a mortal and not aim for their damnation. And yet….

In truth, he felt pity for her. Her family didn’t visit as often as they should, and if she wanted to pretend her was her grandson, he was happy to oblige.

(based on this prompt)