• There are bags. There are so many plastic bags. They crowd around you as you stand behind the counter, rustling with secrets. The first one you pick will always be the wrong size.
  • The next week when you come in, the bags are gone. You do not ask where they went. It’s best not to know.
  • You spend twenty minutes reorganising the books. They are back in alphabetical order. Satisfied, you turn to help a customer. There is a rustling behind you, and when you turn back, the books are back how they were before.
  • They are bringing out a new currency. They are always bringing out new currency. You don’t know who ‘they’ are or why the money keeps changing.
  • You are out of pound coins. You are always out of pound coins.
  • Two people come in with their dogs. You pet them and offer them biscuits. More people come in with dogs. You also pet them and offer them biscuits. The shop is full of dogs. Who do they belong to? Somehow the biscuits never run out.
  • A customer asks you to hold something while they run to get some money from the ATM. They don’t return. Nobody ever does.
  • You’re unpacking donations from the back. You are always unpacking donations from the back. You can’t remember ever seeing the floor.
  • Someone pays for something cheap with a twenty pound note, saying they don’t have any change. Several minutes later they buy another cheap thing with a different twenty pound note, saying they still have no change. This will happen several times with no change in sight.