“What can you me what you know about Wronwick House?”

“Let me see. It was build back in the 1700s by Charles Wronwick, who was a-”

“Yes yes, I know about the basic family history. I’m looking more for a bit of local flavour. Superstitions, myths, legends, that sort of thing. Particularly the supernatural.”

“Well, if you say so. Let’s see. Now, there’s the legend of Mary and Lavender, the ghosts who haunt the manor. Would that be flavourful enough for you?”

“That would be perfect. What do you know of these two girls?”

“Mary was a maid during the 1850s, Lavender was a Wronwick girl, daughter of Antony Wronwick, the then head of the household. The Wronwick family weren’t as rich as they had been in, lots of poor investments and the like, and Mary was one of the few maids they had left at the time.

“But she was sent off in disgrace a few years after she started working there. Pregnancy, apparently. Some rumours say the Wronwick lord of the time was the father, others say it was another servant. Suppose it doesn’t really matter now.

“But what caused an even bigger scandal was that Lavender left with her. Some say she just thought it was unfair, but really she left with Mary ’cause she loved her.”

“What happened to them?”

“Mary had her baby, and the three of them lived together at the edge of town. And they were happy. Money was tight and Lavender struggled to find work, but they were happy.”

“When Mr Wronwick died, they were able to move back into the family home, and that’s where they’ve been ever since. Mary lived until her mid sixties, and Lavender died soon after. But a few months after her death, folks started seeing them around the manor. I wouldn’t call it haunting as such, they’re a quiet pair, but they’ve been there ever since.

“No one breathing has lived in the manor in quite some time. People want to give them privacy.”

“Have you ever seen them?”

“Once or twice. I used to help with the gardens when I was a boy.”

“And why do you think Mary and Lavender have remained as spirits for so long?”

“They say some love can last forever, and well, in this case I guess it’s true.”