You will find a thick forest with a stream running through it. The way the light filters through the trees makes you feel at peace. You will walk until you find a small cottage in a clearing, dusty and decrepit with age with age. Your life is here now.
You will find a cat. You will find many cats. You will pet most of them.
There will be laughter and tears. Sometimes at the same time. Be sure to have a few tissues at hand, it might get a little messy.
Ask again later.
You will meet a beautiful stranger. The two of you will talk briefly and part ways. You never see each other again. This is probably for the best.
Pain. Despair. Possibly cookies.
Burnt rosemary is a great way to remove the smell of decaying meat. Use this knowledge to your advantage.
Avoid water at all costs. This will make bathing difficult, but it will all work out in the long run. How? Do not ask.
Take no heed of ravens’s talk. They only tell gossip and rumour.
Coconuts are more deadly than sharks. This has nothing to do with the future, but it’s good to know.
There is an empty town deep in an empty desert. You will wander the streets, calling out an unanswered “Hello?” that echos out across the sand. You will set up camp behind town hall, unaware of the eyes that watch you.
Look to the sky, Keep looking. You will finally find answers there.