Something was clattering around in the cellar. Michelle stares sleepily at the ceiling, wondering if it was worth getting up. It could just be a raccoon that managed to climb through the window, or that cat who likes to poke around for scrapes. Surely that could wait until morning?

There was a loud crash, and a sudden burst of magic in the air. Definitely not a raccoon. Groaning, Michelle rolls out of bed and heads downstairs, grabbing the iron poker on the way.

With a flick of a hand and a murmur, the cellar fills with light, revealing a small figure crouching in the middle of the floor. Michelle approaches cautiously. It’s human, or at least human-shaped; its teeth are slightly too long and sharp, its eyes too close together, and the faint traces of glamour. It’s a shoddy job, so it’s not hard to spot, even at 3 in the morning.

The creature lets out a low growl, and leaps at her. Michelle quickly steps back and swings her arm up. The poker connects with with a thud and the creature collapses, whimpering. Magic was all very good, but when it comes to intruders, there not anything magic can do that a poker to the face couldn’t do better.

Michelle finds some rope and binds the creature, and then, deciding it’d be easier to deal with it in the morning, heads back to bed.