• The classic way to kill a vampire is, of course, by stabbing them through the heart. This is typically done with a wooden stake, but slayers can use any sharpened implement, such as swords, knives, or in one famous case, a knitting needle.
  • Vampires are, of course, vulnerable to fire and sunlight, and one way to dispatch a vampire is to either set fire to its nest or lure it outside during the day. The former can be done at point before sundown, while the latter could be done by inviting the vampire to a movie screening that ends at sunrise.
  • Like werewolves, vampires can be weakened by exposure to silver. While expensive, it is advisable to have at least one accessory made of pure silver.
  • Vampires can also be killed via decapitation. This can be tricky, since vampires are stronger and swifter than most humans, but this is possible for a small team of talented slayers. Having a vampire bound at the wrists makes this easier. (A pair of silver handcuffs is useful in this situation.)