i. It took seven seconds for me to understand the meaning behind her words, and the realisation crashed over me like a wave. She had broken up with me. She didn’t love me anymore. We were over.

She was already swimming back to shore, and I followed. My mind was filled with questions, my mouth with the taste of salt water and regret.

How long had she been planning this? Had the whole vacation been leading up to this moment? And of all the places to end the relationship, why had she chosen the middle of the ocean? I didn’t understand.

ii. I started in the old schoolroom, hoping to burn the memories as well as the house. I broke every table and chair, gathered every scrap of paper, and heaped everything in the middle of the floor.

I had the matches out and was ready to light the pile when I heard it:squeeeeeee.

The noise pierced through the air, ready to puncture my ears. The match flickered and died in my frozen hand as I stood there, not moving. I didn’t know which would be worse; turning round and seeing her by the chalkboard, or turning round and seeing nothing.

iii. It was the height of summer, and the air was alive with the sound of mosquitoes, and despite being slathered in three different insect repellents, I was still getting bit.

I could feel something crawling across my bare leg, and I slapped at it. The mosquito buzzed away, landing on my other leg a moment later. I finally managed to catch it after several minutes, and I grinned triumphantly. But the feeling of joy was quickly replaced by dread as I heard a tiny voice coming from my closed fist.

“Don’t hurt me,” begged the voice. “Please don’t hurt me.”

iv. Six days. One hundred and forty hours, give or take. That’s when I noticed him. Who knows how long he’s been here without me noticing?

He’s there every time I wake up. It doesn’t matter where I sleep, he’s always there. I tried locking him away, but he was still there the next day. I tried smashing him to pieces, but he was still there the next day. Just standing there, watching.I don’t know what he wants. I don’t want to know.

My eyes burn with the effort of not sleeping, but I know I can finally catch him.

v. The chasm stretches below me, ancient and endless. I peer into it, mesmerized by the beauty of the canyon, the sheer magnitude; beside it, I am but a speck.

A soft wind blows up from the depths, bringing faint whispering voices. They tell of the history of the place – the battles, the blood split as sacrifice, the cycle of anger and appeasement from the gods. The more I listen, the more I learn, until at last I hear it, the one great secret of the canyon.

I shiver and turn away. I know I can never share this with anyone.


based off this tumblr post